DBA's event
1) Anyone, deaf biker may host the national level event to have outside of host's state to have deaf bikers to come that event.
2) It is ok for two or more events on same or different dates due to participants' choice.
3) The event should be hosted at least 5 days or more.  High recommended for Opening Ceremony is on Sunday and closing Ceremony is on Friday. Bikers can stay longer. (The reason is that many bikers finished with work on Friday and zoom to the place where the event will be and be back home before starting to work on Monday.)
4) No colors at DBA's event.
DBA's biggest event in Sturgis, SD
1) It will happen every 5 years,  no one else can host different event on same year.   It happens every 5 years by 2015, 2020, 2025 and so forth.
2) During the Sturgis week, they pick future chairperson for next 5 year.
3) Participants can pick any campgrounds with understanding chairperson picks campground as the headquarter for communicating purpose, special event like opening ceremony, closing ceremony and have entertainment.
Chairperson's responsibilities
He/she just makes things go smoothly by checking committees to do their jobs.  
1) Finding a place where the event will be.  Be sure to have a contract to hold the space for DBA.
2) Event should be inserted on the DBA's webpage with Host's approval

3) Host person is responsibility to develop the flyer to be inserted on the webpage.   Do not make DBA webmaster to develop the flyer.
4) Anyone may host the national level event by spreading the word thru emailing to DBA participants
5) If committee quit for some reasons, chairperson has to take his/her responsibility unless finding someone to replace.
DBA's number one .... SAFETY
1) As a group, try to follow the road's rule like speed, zigzag, no reckless and more
2) Tips and Safety information
webpage is shown.
DBA's Mission
1) DBA is loyal to the mission.  Mission's webpage is shown.
2) DBA has no fund to support the event however the participants pay the campground fee to camp out and have fun.   Just like other hearing people to come the event on their own.
If u have any suggestion about the guideline,  click guideline form to fill out.  Thank you


Deaf Bikers of America
Founded in 1999