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The mission statement of Deaf Bikers of America (DBA) is to get together at any national level event where deaf bikers can come and have fun at the lowest cost possible. DBA has its own webpage ( to keep all deaf bikers informed. We encourage anyone to host a national event as long as it is not designed to make a profit. DBA believes that we, deaf bikers ride to live and live to ride. There are no officers, no membership dues and no by-laws. DBA wants to just ride and party together with other Deaf bikers.


Some bikers had a "Council" meeting during the Deaf Sturgis Rally to clarify some concerns or issues on Tuesday, August 9th, 2005.

A few questions should be covered and posted on the webpage to let Deaf Bikers know what to expect of  the DBA,

First of all,  a majority of Deaf Bikers agree that the name of DBA is an event with information on the National Level where deaf people can get together.  DBA is not an official organization with a Constitution and By-Laws, officers, etc.

1)    Who "owns" the name of DBA?

No one "owns" the name of "Deaf Bikers of America."  It is just a name, not an official organization.  Any deaf individual or local biker club can host an event and use the name "Deaf Bikers of America" anywhere
except at the Five-Year Sturgis Stampede.

If it is in Sturgis, the Sturgis Deaf Biker Rally must be handled by an individual who is selected during a Sturgis Deaf Rally to take care of the planning for the next event to be held five years later. No other biker club can host the Sturgis Deaf Rally event during any Five-Year Sturgis Stampede.

2)    Should DBA elect new Officers?

No. DBA is not an organization. Therefore there are no officers or constitution and by-laws.

3)    Will DBA's webpage continue after the Rally?  

Why not? What's wrong with continuing the DBA Webpage?  It will help us keep in touch and be updated. It is very important for us all to know what is going on. Plus, other deaf bikers will be inspired by it and want to join us. This means that the DBA must take care of webpage costs which is pretty cheap by deaf bikers who keep their email address to maintain the DBA webpage.
See -
4)    Will DBA oversee who the next host will be?

DBA will not oversee because DBA is not an official organization,  but just the name of an event so anyone can be the host.  If another group hosts the event, we hope they will want to work closely with the current DBA members, but it is not required. See number 1 question above.

5)    About adding the name of "Deaf Bikers of America" on the banners, pins, embroidered patchs, etc.

This is a good idea for publicity reasons. We are a special non-organization. Therefore, we should use our name of "DBA" on all our stuff. It can make money to help with expenses. It is voluntary for them to donate to help the DBA event. DBA has no funds to keep.

6)  About DBA's funds and funding.

DBA has no funds at all.   During the event, people can donate to cover the expense of the event.  It is not required.  After the event, the funds must be reduced to zero. 

7)  DBA is on a  national level.  Can deaf bikers use different names than DBA?    If so, will it be conflict with out DBA? Or should our DBA become independent?

"Deaf Bikers of America" means the national level event. That's why the word "America" is in the name.  Deaf Bikers can use a different name than DBA.  Also, Deaf Bikers can set up a new organization name.  For example;  "Deaf Female Bikers of America,"  "Deaf Black Bikers of America" "Deaf Senior Bikers of America." etc.

Another idea is to call ourselves "Deaf Bikers of America" but only for social gathering reasons and not become a formal organization.

8) People can't use DBA as fund raising for their own purpose.

DBA is not an organization,  doesn't have any tax exemption ID.    DBA can't be used to make money for themselves.    For example, hearing bikers raise funds for cancer purpose.    Deaf Bikers can't use DBA as fund-raising for cancer, etc.   

Remember DBA makes no profit, uses the lowest costs and lets Deaf Bikers enjoy themselves. We are a Deaf Biker social group, not a business group. Look at DBA's mission,

We keep it simple and have fun.   The less meetings, the better it will be!

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