To All Deaf Bikers, bike lovers or friends:

For your information, here is a new URL name and hyperlink:

It should be easy to remember.   I paid the fee for the domain name and web space.

Now, you pick which number below fits you best:

1) From now on, if you want to keep your name on the Deaf Motorcycle list, you must pay only $1.00 per year.  Also, if you make your own personal motorcycle webpage to be hyperlinked from the Deafmotorcyclelinks page, it is free as long as you have paid $1.00 per year to keep your name on the list.

2) If you want to include your photos on the Deafmotorcyclelinks page, it will be limited to 2 photos of each biker as long as you pay only $2.50 per year for photos and name on the list (email address list).

  • By emailing me an attached file of limit 2 photo (jpg or gif format, please).  I will add that on the webpage for you.

If you want me to scan your photo (limit two), and pay 5 dollars each for me to do the scanning and put it in the web page for you.  If you want the photo(s) back, be sure to send me a self-addressed envelope with stamps. Thanks!

Please make your payment to:  Paul Stefurak

and mail it to: 6855 Astoria Drive, Riverside, CA 92503-1005.

Give me your full support for this neat new webpage! Huh?

Thank you,


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