Updated date as of 07/19/2016

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Cruz, Irma cruzirma@sbcglobal.net CA 03/31/18
Gabriel, Ron  DittoMan1@aol.com PA 12/31/17
Lacks, Bennie   lacksb@verizon.net VA 02/28/18
Payne, George    cobraower1969@aol.com KY  07/31/19 
Scott, Dennise ASL5lady@gmail.com DE 101/30/20
Skedsmo Bobby  skedsmo-harley@earthlink.net CA 03/31/25
Sogolow, Bobby "Deaf Popeye"  bobbysogolow@gmail.com FL 08/31/22
Stefurak, Paul "Deaf RoadRunner"  paulstefurak@pobox.com CA 01/31/22
St. Martin, Mark A.   thedeafrider@hotmail.com WV 01/31/20

(H): hearing

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